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    Looking up from bottom of ramp

    The scholars weigh in on Toronto Modernism

    ‘First come the gays, then the girls, then the industry,” says Samantha Jones to aspiring actor Smith Jerrod during the final season of Sex and the City. With a few tweaks, I think the same can be said for modernist architecture: First comes the grassroots, then the fashion-forward/creative-types, then the scholars. After that, hopefully, the general […]

    View of rear facade

    London Modern, for your consideration

    ‘This is the building that started it for me,” says librarian and architecture enthusiast Sandra Miller. “When I first moved to London I thought, ‘This is an interesting building, what’s the story?’” London City Hall is indeed interesting; it’s another example of the importance given to Canadian civic buildings in the Modernist period. Designed by award-winning, local architect […]


    Gander airport to be traded-in for new terminal

    The Gander Airport Authority made a tough choice in order to keep its terminal afloat, but the decision could leave the architectural gem that is the current airport at risk. The 200,000-square-foot international airport will be left for a building a quarter of the size to keep the operation viable. The terminal, which was built in […]


    Toronto City Hall and Civic Square and the Strutt House honoured with with the Prix du XXe siècle

    Strutt House, Aylmer, PQ – 1955-1956 Architect: James W. Strutt Canadian architect James W. Strutt, is one of many architects who consider his own house to be a “signature piece” of his long and distinguished career. Located in Aylmer, Quebec, the building is a deceptively simple integration of structure, building science and planning. The house […]

    Valhalla demolition (Urban Toronto)

    A sad string of losses for Modernist Toronto

    Before Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital came down, the National Trust for Historic Preservation led a massive campaign to save it. With its unique “cloverleaf” design, the 1975 Bertram Goldberg-designed concrete building was considered a landmark, so in November, 2012, the Chicago Architecture Foundation presented an exhibit showcasing more than 80 designs for its possible adaptive […]


    National Arts Centre new logo compared to shark fin, spotlight

    People reacted on Twitter with confusion on Tuesday to the unveiling of the new National Arts Centre logo. It comes as the NAC gears up for its 45th anniversary in June. NAC spokesperson Rosemary Thompson explained that’s it’s meant to be a spotlight, which complements the new tagline, “Canada is our stage.” “It’s based on the Canadian flag. […]


    Heritage experts object to Bank of Canada’s plans to change “iconic” building

    Completed in 1979, the Bank of Canada head office was immediately hailed as an architectural gem. Symmetrical glass towers flank the grey-granite building which had established the Bank’s presence on Wellington Street since the 1930s. Where the original building communicates permanence and weight, the 1970s structure by architect Arthur Erickson is light and welcoming. The […]


    Bank of Canada renewal plan stirs controversy

    The complex at 234 Wellington St. is “a marvellous work of art,” says Phyllis Lambert, founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal and of Heritage Montreal. Lambert was also director of planning for the Seagram Building, a New York City skyscraper built in 1958 and regarded as a modern masterpiece. “How do we […]


    Happy 40th Birthday Robarts Library!

    Happy Birthday Robarts Library! Today you are 40. The more time I spend in you, the more I like you. 40 years of watching over the U of T campus and withstanding the grumps and grumbles of undergrads and grads, all while keep their books safe and providing so many dozens of nooks and crannies […]

    documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement