01 . 26 . 2015

Demolition Under Way at Dickinson-Designed Regent Park High-Rise

AUTHOR Jack Landau

Demolition is well under way on the second last of Regent Park’s noted Peter Dickinson-designed high-rise apartment towers. As Toronto is typically too intensely developed to allow for implosions, a careful teardown of the 1958 modernist structure at 605 Whiteside Place is occuring, with the removal of much of the building’s north facade happing on a suite-by-suite basis.

The removal of the building’s outer north wall has revealed a thought-provoking view into the empty shells of the tower’s apartment units, which still retain the bright coats of paint, and in some cases, the decorations of their former tenants. While we see a whole lot of demolition activity across the city, it is shots like these that serve as a reminder of the countless people who have made this building their home during the past five and a half decades.

Demolition of the 14-storey public housing tower is being carried out by ProGreen Demolition, the same company in charge of the recent teardown of nearby 42 Blevins Place, as well as the ongoing demolition of the modernist Inn on the Park at Leslie and Eglinton. The only other remaining Dickinson-designed tower still untouched in Regent Park, 14 Blevins Place, is located a short distance to the south from 605 Whiteside Place. The building has recently been emptied of its tenants and is also slated for demolition this year, as part of the third phase in Toronto Community Housing and The Daniels Corporation’s ongoing revitalization of Regent Park.


The photographs are available on the Urban Toronto web site using the link above.

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