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    Urban Toronto

    Simpson's Tower - Urban Toronto

    401 Bay—aka the Simpsons Tower—to Receive a New Skin

    The skin of a building is, by its very nature temporary. The desire for its permanence an unrealistic expectation of materials that were often novel in their application and untested in their durability. As a result of this experimentation, modern works of architecture often have a hastened rate of deterioration compared to their pre-modern counterparts. […]


    Demolition Under Way at Dickinson-Designed Regent Park High-Rise

    Demolition is well under way on the second last of Regent Park’s noted Peter Dickinson-designed high-rise apartment towers. As Toronto is typically too intensely developed to allow for implosions, a careful teardown of the 1958 modernist structure at 605 Whiteside Place is occuring, with the removal of much of the building’s north facade happing on […]


    New Signage Atop TD Centre Generating Controversy

    Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s TD Centre, the first modern high-rise office complex in Toronto, is unique among neighbouring Financial District office towers due to its lack of illuminated signage. All other major banking towers and complexes in the Financial District have large lit logos emblazoned upon their upper floors—logos which were included in […]


    Second Last Dickinson Tower Coming Down At Regent Park

    The revitalization of Canada’s largest public housing community recently moved on to its third phase, starting with the demolition of rows of townhouses at Shuter and River Streets on the east side of the neighbourhood. A couple months have passed since the teardown started, and work has now moved on to the demolition of the […]

    documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement