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    Toronto’s modernist legacy: Uncovering the Massey Medals’ architectural gems

    “Heritage” doesn’t have to mean “old.” In Toronto, a city that expanded at a tremendous pace in the 1950s and 60s, there’s a wealth of social history and architectural excellence locked up in the schools, libraries, apartments and factories of that era. Unfortunately, heritage preservation in Toronto is focused on downtown and on affluent neighbourhoods […]


    At a moment of architectural crisis, Trent University is retaining Canada’s modern heritage

    The institution is engaged in a careful renovation of its original Bata Library, while new projects are being guided by attention to the original campus In the early morning flurry, snow kisses the brick path and covers the nubby face of the concrete walls as I walk through a narrow passage between two walls studded […]


    Hobbs Sun House brought International Style to Toronto’s Rosedale

    The strikingly modern, 3,000-square-foot home was designed for the president of Hobbs Glass To architecture buffs, firsts are important. Which villa was Andrea Palladio’s first? Could we pinpoint the very first Queen Anne home? Since Art Deco existed before Paris’s 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs, which buildings defined the style? Were the exhibition homes […]


    Deco, modern and what’s next? The historic home of CIBC could get a dramatic revamp

    The nature of corporate work has changed, and Commerce Court – the four-building complex at King and Bay that is one of the most significant and symbolic works of architecture in the country – is poised to change, too The coffee machine hisses and a barista places a cappuccino on the marble counter with a clink. […]


    Mid-century Modern on the Bluffs

    A low-slung home by Canadian Modernist icon James Murray hits the market I don’t know how many homes Meryl Streep owns, but last month Curbed Los Angeles reported that she picked up a 3,000-square foot, “beautiful 1950s post and beam” home for $3.6 million (U.S.). The website goes on to say that “[s]omeone seems to have […]

    Sailboats at Ontario Place - Wikipedia

    Curtain rises, again, on Ontario Place’s Cinesphere

    The theatre, which will open to the public in November, is part of a vision to transform Toronto’s waterfront into a widely accessible park Ontario Place is coming back to life. The province will announce this week that the site’s Cinesphere theatre will open to the public in November for regular events and screenings. Following that, […]


    For year-round relevance, Toronto’s Exhibition Place needs a makeover

    Last week, I went to the Ex, and it felt like old times: hawkers, ice cream, skee-ball, and my kids won a Pokemon. Okay, some things have changed, but the experience of the fair was deliciously nostalgic. But the fair felt cramped, and behind the flashing lights Exhibition Place looked sad. The fairground is one […]

    Arthur Meighen gardens (1997) at the entrance to Festival Theatre

    Stratford’s new theatre promises to be a jewel

    The $60-million project will become one of the most important cultural venues in the country, so ‘the tolerance for not getting everything right is very low’ he Stratford Festival began with a tent. Now its artistic director has buildings on the brain. The Stratford, Ont., organization recently unveiled the design for its new Tom Patterson […]


    The Brutalist Truth about The National Arts Centre

    A fortress for culture: This is how the National Arts Centre has seemed to many since it opened half a century ago in the heart of Ottawa. And now, the fortress has been breached. On Canada Day, the country’s flagship arts complex officially opens the first phase in a $110.5-million renovation. Its ribbed-concrete walls, speckled […]

    documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement