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    In 2003, the building was dedicated to a St. Thomas constable who was killed on duty in 1934

    No takers for former police building

    The city has eyes to take down the justice building at 30 St. Catharine St. after no leasers were found for the 1970s administrative building. On Monday city council approved putting the cost of the demolition of the former Colin McGregor Justice Building in the 2018 capital budget. Council members gave staff until September to […]


    For year-round relevance, Toronto’s Exhibition Place needs a makeover

    Last week, I went to the Ex, and it felt like old times: hawkers, ice cream, skee-ball, and my kids won a Pokemon. Okay, some things have changed, but the experience of the fair was deliciously nostalgic. But the fair felt cramped, and behind the flashing lights Exhibition Place looked sad. The fairground is one […]

    Arthur Meighen gardens (1997) at the entrance to Festival Theatre

    Stratford’s new theatre promises to be a jewel

    The $60-million project will become one of the most important cultural venues in the country, so ‘the tolerance for not getting everything right is very low’ he Stratford Festival began with a tent. Now its artistic director has buildings on the brain. The Stratford, Ont., organization recently unveiled the design for its new Tom Patterson […]


    The Brutalist Truth about The National Arts Centre

    A fortress for culture: This is how the National Arts Centre has seemed to many since it opened half a century ago in the heart of Ottawa. And now, the fortress has been breached. On Canada Day, the country’s flagship arts complex officially opens the first phase in a $110.5-million renovation. Its ribbed-concrete walls, speckled […]


    Ontario Place Cinesphere and Pods and CN Tower receive 2017 Prix du XXe siècle

    The National Trust for Canada, in partnership with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), announces the Ontario Place Cinesphere and Pods and the CN Tower as recipients of the 2017 Prix du XXe siècle – recognized for their enduring excellence and national significance to Canada’s architectural legacy. Ontario Place’s dramatic structures by Toronto architect […]


    When architecture meets collective values

    On a winter day, Ottawa looked as if it had all the colour sucked out of it. As I visited the headquarters of the Bank of Canada recently, the building’s reflective glass mirrored shades of greige in the cityscape’s slush, asphalt and limestone. Then I stepped inside the bank’s atrium, a 12-storey-tall space lined with shimmering […]

    In 2003, the building was dedicated to a St. Thomas constable who was killed on duty in 1934

    St. Thomas leaders eyeing old police headquarters for redevelopment

    It’s easy to see how the old Colin McGregor Justice Building could be upstaged by St. Thomas police’ brand new headquarters – the $11 million build north of the Timken centre is a show-stopper. But as the department prepares for its monumental move this spring, the aging Catharine St. building is stepping into the spotlight […]


    School’s out

    A spaceship landed on Millwood Road. That’s how an imaginative child might see Davisville Public School: a pointy-winged product of a distant civilization that loves syncopated windows and hyperbolic paraboloids. In fact, the North Toronto school is the product of a distant civilization: Ours, in 1962, when public buildings had real budgets and Toronto’s school board believed its architecture should […]


    Petition launched to save McLaughlin Planetarium from demolition

    A campaign to save the McLaughlin Planetarium, slated for demolition on the University of Toronto campus, is gaining momentum. In its prime, the planetarium was a standard field trip for generations of Toronto school kids to learn about the magic of the universe. Others fondly recall the laser shows in the 1980s, featuring music from […]

    documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement