Butler House approach
02 . 21 . 2013

Butler House, Hog’s Back Pavilions & Vincent Massey Pavillions Receive Awards

Two Modernist structures in the City of Ottawa recently garnered awards for rehabilitation work recently undertaken including the Butler House, which received an Award of Excellence,  Hog’s Back Park Pavilions, which received an Award of Merit and Vincent Massey Park Pavilions, which received an Award of Merit.  Both cases illustrate an evolving appreciation for structures and sites from the Modernist period and hopefully point to a more expansive approach to what constitutes as Heritage in the City of Ottawa.

From the City of Ottawa web site 

Butler House

Award of Excellence, Restoration

The Butler House was constructed in 1964 for John Butler and his family by Ottawa architect Brian Barkham of Schoeler and Barkham Architects and is an excellent example of the International Style in Ottawa. The house was sold by the Butler family to the current owners in 2009. The Jury commented that this project is a “great example of a considered, minimal intervention conservation of a mid-century modern house, with a combination of restoration, preservation and rehabilitation components.” Rehabilitation and redesign of mechanical systems and the lower level for new uses combines seamlessly with the restoration of key heritage character elements such as wood windows and doors. The building retains its heritage value and, importantly, maintains the relationship with its unique site.

John Donkin, John Donkin Architect
Danielle Jones, Designer
James Laish, Designer


Hogs Back Park Building Conservation

Award of Merit, Restoration

The Refreshment Stand in Hog’s Back Park was designed by Abra and Balharrie and constructed in 1955. The Refreshment Stand sits under large umbrella-like shelter and there is an associated washroom building. Both buildings are Recognized Federal Heritage Buildings. The Jury noted that, “this is a very good example of respect for great design, regardless of project size or type. The Modern “Festival” style has been preserved through careful restoration of paint colours and the lightweight structure. Upgrades to contemporary standards allow and enhance continued use yet respect the original design and site concept.”

National Capital Commission, Owner
Edward J. Cuhachi and Associates Architects
Jumec Construction Inc.


Vincent Massey Park Buildings

Award of Merit, Adaptive Reuse

A very good example of respectful conservation of a carefully designed Modern complex that has been updated to current use needs. Materials, restoration, detailing, rehabilitation and reuse for contemporary accessibility and sustainability standards, and an understanding of the interconnectivity of the parts all combine to resurrect a harmonious composition that has returned and preserved the state of grace embodied originally.

National Capital Commission
Edward J. Cuhaci and Associates Inc.
Thomas Fuller Construction Co. Limited