Union du Canada

325 Dlahousie Street, Ottawa, ON.

“This office building is a very good and intact example of modernist architecture with strong Brutalist characteristics….  Unlike many of the generic and relatively undistinguished speculative office buildings that were built in Ottawa at that time, the Union du Canada building is a signature work characterized by a unique and sculptural use of glass. The faceted construction of the glass walls break up the reflections of the sky and create a distinctive visual effect.

 This effect, combined with the bold gridded pattern created by the structure, is its key character-defining element. This patterned façade was the result of a collaboration between the architect and prominent Quebec abstract artist Laure Major.

 This style of architecture was particularly influential in Quebec, and promoted by major firms such as ARCOP (Place Bonaventure, Place des Arts.) It is significant that Union du Canada Vie chose to use this style to express their corporate identity in Ontario, and this design should be considered a part of Ottawa’s francophone cultural history.”

-Alan Teramura, Graham Murfitt, Mariana Esponda Casajeres, Toon Dreessen, 2013 Support Letter

The Union du Canada building was demolished in 2014.

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