Former Ottawa City Hall

111 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON.

“The heritage value of the Former Ottawa City Hall lies in its historical associations, its architectural significance and its role as a landmark. It is associated with the assertion of municipal governance in the post-war era of urban expansion in Ottawa and was influenced by post-war concerns with creating a modern form of civic monumentality. Built concurrent with the new official plan for the city of Ottawa and during an era of development in Ottawa that was characterized by a strong federal presence, the former Ottawa City Hall responded to the administrative needs of the rapidly growing city and was the embodiment of a new civic identity.

It is an excellent example of the adaptation of the International Style to a civic facility in Canada, marking a departure from the traditional city or town hall building type and the advent of the modern civic building. It was constructed with high quality materials and finishes and exhibits a high level of craftsmanship. It is considered the best work of the architectural firm Rother/Bland/Trudeau.

 The building functions as a familiar city landmark and reinforces the heterogeneous character of government buildings, embassies and upscale residences found in the area.”

Andrew Waldron, Former Ottawa City Hall (Sussex Pavilion), Ottawa, Ontario. Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office Building Report 01-042; Former Ottawa City Hall (Sussex Pavilion), Ottawa, Ontario, Heritage Character Statement 01-042.