CBC Building

1500 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, ON.

“The CBC Building is a Classified Federal Heritage Building because of its historical associations, and its architectural and environmental values.

Historical value

The CBC Building is associated with the centralization of the administration of a national public broadcasting network. The CBC Building was designed as part of the consolidation of the ever-expanding national offices of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from various buildings located around Ottawa’s downtown core to one larger building. The CBC Building is also a later example of the development of Confederation Heights as a new urban node of federal institutions in Ottawa

Architectural value

The CBC Building is one of the best examples of Canadian modern architecture, particularly in its representation of the expressionist strain of modernism. Designed by David Gordon McKinstry, the Chief Architect of the CBC and a renowned acoustician, the functional design of the CBC Building is characterized by a “quiet” ventilation system, an efficient interior layout consisting of offices, each of which has its own window, centrally located services, and the stairwells at the building wingtips. The CBC Building is constructed of luxurious, high quality materials particularly on the exterior facades and at the interior of the entrance pavilion, and features a high level of craftsmanship and sophisticated detailing.

Environmental value

The CBC Building is located in an open, modern park-like landscape, at the crest of a hill on Bronson Avenue, and is accessed by its own driveway. The CBC Building reinforces the sophisticated urban character of the campus-like setting of Confederation Heights through its striking and unique form, and its luxurious materials….  The CBC Building has a strong presence in the landscape and is visible from many vantage points, particularly along the road to and from the airport, making it a visual landmark to visitors to Ottawa, as well as a familiar landmark to the community of Confederation Heights and the residents of Ottawa.”

-Michel Pelletier, Former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Head Office (CBC Building), Ottawa, Ontario. Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office 01-049; CBC Building, Ottawa, Ontario. Heritage Character Statement 01-049.