Beaverbrook, Ottawa, ON.
CONSTRUCTED 1960s - 1970s

“Kanata, the new town…[will] offer the widest possible range of human experiences, so that through encouragement and example, one may find a purposeful life.”

-Bill Teron

As a planned community in Kanata, beyond the greenbelt of the national capital, “Beaverbrook Garden City and Technology Park” was designed to accommodate 1,500 families or 4,000 people, in an environment that was integrated with nature.  The residential community or garden city featured 40% open space, schools, a place of worship, shops and community services.  There was multi-generational and socio-economic diversity of housing types, all of which were constructed with Canadian building materials.

Today, Beaverbrook benefits from decades of careful stewardship along with its now-mature trees.  The integrity of this cultural heritage landscape remains high, despite increasing development pressure.



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