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    Sailboats at Ontario Place - Wikipedia

    Curtain rises, again, on Ontario Place’s Cinesphere

    The theatre, which will open to the public in November, is part of a vision to transform Toronto’s waterfront into a widely accessible park Ontario Place is coming back to life. The province will announce this week that the site’s Cinesphere theatre will open to the public in November for regular events and screenings. Following that, […]


    For year-round relevance, Toronto’s Exhibition Place needs a makeover

    Last week, I went to the Ex, and it felt like old times: hawkers, ice cream, skee-ball, and my kids won a Pokemon. Okay, some things have changed, but the experience of the fair was deliciously nostalgic. But the fair felt cramped, and behind the flashing lights Exhibition Place looked sad. The fairground is one […]


    Ontario Place Cinesphere and Pods and CN Tower receive 2017 Prix du XXe siècle

    The National Trust for Canada, in partnership with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), announces the Ontario Place Cinesphere and Pods and the CN Tower as recipients of the 2017 Prix du XXe siècle – recognized for their enduring excellence and national significance to Canada’s architectural legacy. Ontario Place’s dramatic structures by Toronto architect […]


    School’s out

    A spaceship landed on Millwood Road. That’s how an imaginative child might see Davisville Public School: a pointy-winged product of a distant civilization that loves syncopated windows and hyperbolic paraboloids. In fact, the North Toronto school is the product of a distant civilization: Ours, in 1962, when public buildings had real budgets and Toronto’s school board believed its architecture should […]


    Petition launched to save McLaughlin Planetarium from demolition

    A campaign to save the McLaughlin Planetarium, slated for demolition on the University of Toronto campus, is gaining momentum. In its prime, the planetarium was a standard field trip for generations of Toronto school kids to learn about the magic of the universe. Others fondly recall the laser shows in the 1980s, featuring music from […]


    The Toronto Park Pavilion needs your love

    It’s hard not to love the Park Pavilion. Designed in 1958 by British-born architect Alan Crossley and consulting engineer Laurence Cazaly, the space age washroom and shelter in South Humber Park is a wonderful example of the exuberant architecture created across North America during the 1950s and 60s. Think the Space Needle and the Theme Building in […]

    Simpson's Tower - Urban Toronto

    401 Bay—aka the Simpsons Tower—to Receive a New Skin

    The skin of a building is, by its very nature temporary. The desire for its permanence an unrealistic expectation of materials that were often novel in their application and untested in their durability. As a result of this experimentation, modern works of architecture often have a hastened rate of deterioration compared to their pre-modern counterparts. […]


    University of Toronto plans to build new cultural, academic centre

    Will house U of T’s department of history, department of near and middle eastern civilizations, institute of Islamic studies, research centre, 250-seat music performance hall.  The University of Toronto is planning to build a dazzling new Centre for Civilizations and Cultures, which will soon rise on sacred ground at 90 Queen’s Park Crescent. Does that […]


    Peter Dickinson’s modernist gem to be lost to Toronto

    Visiting a building behind a demolition fence is like paying respects to somebody on their deathbed. Such was the mood on a recent visit to the old Regis College seminary in North York. Opened in 1961, it was built by the Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada and designed by Toronto’s original Mad Men-era architect Peter […]

    documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement