eindhoven-seoul statement

Docomomo’s main goals are brought together in the Eindhoven-Seoul statement which was issued at the conclusion of the founding conference in 1990 and updated at the 2014 International Conference in Seoul, South Korea:

  1. Bring the significance of the architecture of the Modern Movement to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professionals and the educational community.
  2. Identify and promote the surveying of the works of the Modern Movement.
  3. Promote the conservation and (re)use of buildings and sites of the Modern Movement.
  4. Oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works.
  5. Foster and disseminate the development of appropriate techniques and methods of conservation and adaptive (re)use.
  6. Attract funding for documentation conservation and (re)use
  7. Explore and develop new ideas for the future of a sustainable built environment based on the past experiences of the Modern Movement.

The changes to the statement are highlighted in bold text above and focus on sustainability and adaptive reuse of modern building.